Friday, October 19, 2012

One dark night

One dark and cold night, Jake and his family went for a ride to the beach. On the way to the trough waves he thought it would be nice to get something to eat. So they hopped into the car and drove to the nearest shop as possible. “I be right back!” he said as he entered the shop.

Suddenly a voice appeared “Hands up, right now, YOU on the floor NOW!” Who’s that?, Jake thought to himself. It was a man robbing the bank.

“Hey man, it’s okay, just drop the gun and ever thing will be all right, it’s a one time offer.” said Jake, as he slowly approached the gun. “What are you doing?” asked the mysterious man. With an outstanding voice Jake yelled out loud, “NOW!”.

‘Whack’ went the board as the shopkeeper hit the guy on the head. “That looks painful” said Jake. “How could I ever thank you” said the shopkeeper. “Don’t thank me you did all the work.” jake said with a good bye.

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