Thursday, March 31, 2011

camp charge up!

Have you been to camp, while if you haven't then you should see me and the year 5's (in my class) and the year 6'sat camp. We are writing about the fun, and the exciting things we did at camp. Here is the link to the site.


  1. Hello Laita,

    That was a very great picture and writing you have done I hope that you had a great time at camp, I hope to hear more from you, I am looking forward to be doing camp next year. Keep it up Laita!!!!!! Great remembering.

    From Sela Rm13

  2. Hi Laita,
    I really liked your picture. I hope you had a good time at camp! I went to camp. It was so much fun! I think you need to check your punctuation. But that was really good.


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