Sunday, November 21, 2010

Summer Holidays - February 8 2010

In the summer for Christmas we had a Christmas party! We invited our family over! I helped my Auntie with the barbeque. She said, "You should grow up and be a chef!" I said, "Yeah I should Auntie!"

My family brought heaps and heaps of presents for the children. I forgot to mention that my Auntie made a delicious trifle. I helped her with it. She thinks that I am a brilliant cook because I made the trifle look yummy and tasty. Everybody wanted seconds but there wasn't that much left. There was only enough for one each!!!

Earlier that morning we had filled up the pool and we wanted to just jump in already! First, we had to eat then open the presents before we swam in the pool! Two days after Christmas we decided to go out for a picnic. We had to eat before we could go and fish. We ate KFC before we went to fish. I caught five fish for dinner because my mum said I have to catch some fish for dinner. I caught enough for everybody. She said, "If you catch some fish for dinner, I will give you $14."

The next day I went to my Grandma's house. When it was raining we played in the rain. My brother couldn't come out to play because he was sick. It was just me and my sister and my family having a water fight. In New Zealand we say having a "squirt" when we are having a water fight. I felt happy because I had a good summer holiday!

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